David Shingler
‘Brothers Commission Portrait’
40”x40” Oil on wood‘Portrait’ 
36”x36” Oil on wood‘Three Generations’ 
42”x56” Oil on wood‘Portrait on Bald Head Island. NC’
50”x50” Oul on wood'Jesus Portrait' 
18"x24" Oil on wood'Man on bike with steering wheel' 
30"x40" Oil on wood'Grace and Ruby' 
12"x16" Oil on woodPortrait
48"x48" Oil on wood'Portrait'
24"x30" Oil on wood'Portrait' 
12"x16"'Portrait' 'Portrait' 'Ruby Claire'
20"x24" Oil on wood'Ring Around The Rosie' 
18"x24" Oil on wood'Portrait'
66"x84" Oil on wood'Commission Portrait'
18"x26" Oil on wood. Clint. 8"x8" Oil in wood'Father and son' 
22"x28" Oil on woodWedding portrait.
16"x20" Oil on woodPortrait 
18"x24" Oil on woodPortrait
21"x27" Oil on woodWedding portrait
21"x29" Oil on woodWedding portrait
24"x32" Oil on wood'Samburu Warriors' Africa.
21"x29" Oil on wood
Portrait: 'Margot' 
13"x19" Oil on woodPortrait: 'Ada' 
17"x19" Oil on woodPortrait: 'Pine Knoll Shores' NC
21"x23" Oil on woodSports Portrait #3
Oil on wood
Sports Portrait #2
Oil on woodUganda. Sponsor Child Portrait
12x16 Oil Portrait
12"x16" Oil on wood